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After completing a Georg Foster Fellowship from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation in Germany and with more than 10 years of experience in leadership and managerial affairs at the local and national levels, Dr Brotosudarmo recognises the vital role of science in transforming society. He is currently active in providing consultancy for research management, internationalisation, and strategic partnerships in research and innovation and science communication. With his commitment to science diplomacy and "connecting people, transforming society," he focuses on advancing the scientific community by bridging Indonesia’s brightest minds with the international dynamic academic landscape. By fostering vibrant communities of researchers, scientists, and innovators, he facilitates strategic meetings and dialogues, promoting excellence in research and innovation. Dr Brotosudarmo's work is instrumental in fostering international collaboration and driving societal transformation, enhancing the global impact of scientific endeavours and contributing to a sustainable society.


Dr Brotosudarmo's role as EURAXESS Worldwide Representative for ASEAN connects ASEAN’s researchers with Europe’s academic landscape. His work fosters vibrant research communities, advancing excellence and international collaboration. Through EURAXESS ASEAN, he organizes networking, information, and training events, enhancing EU-ASEAN scientific cooperation and career opportunities.

To follow his role, please click here: EURAXESS ASEAN


Food Reborn and Mangkunegaran Circular Economy

Dr Brotosudarmo connects Food Reborn Japan with Mangkunegaran to develop a circular economy by fostering the use of renewable and natural fibre from pineapple leaves and banana leaves to create sustainable Javanese clothing, first for the royal households and then for all batik and Javanese culture lovers. 


To find out more about Food Reborn, please visit: FOOD REBORN


Mangkunegaran and Sustainable Social Transformation

Dr. Brotosudarmo leads initiatives at Mangkunegaran Palace, fostering it as a hub of Javanese culture. By bridging Indonesian and German academic communities, he advances sustainable social transformation and enriches Indonesia’s cultural heritage. His efforts focus on promoting dynamic cultural exchanges and preserving traditions, shaping a sustainable society and inspiring future generations.

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DIES Partnerships with Higher Education Institutions in Indonesia

Dr. Brotosudarmo has been on a project committee at the DIES Partnership project (2020-2023), focusing on transforming leadership and institutional management at four Indonesian universities. His contributions include enhancing university leadership through management training, improving pedagogic skills, and boosting research output by introducing advanced management techniques. He also works on improving administrative structures and fostering international cooperation. By actively involving national and international experts, Dr Brotosudarmo nurtures a culture of quality and excellence, ensuring sustainable development in higher education. His work promotes a collaborative approach, aiming to uplift the quality of education and management across Indonesian universities.


Title: Menumbuhkan Budaya Unggul dalam Manajemen Universitas melalui Pengembangan Kepemimpinan dan Kemitraan

ISBN: 978-623-314-438-4

Published: 2023

Publisher: PBMR ANDI


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