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Selected Funding Research Project

2020 – 2021

"Development of Local Banana Processing Technology with Carotenoids and High Nutrients as Functional Food to Increase Immunity During the Covid-19 Pandemic".

Research and Innovation Consortium Funding Program to Accelerate Handling of Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19).

Grant Amount: IDR 100,000,000 (T-1), IDR 100,000,000 (T-2)


“Molecular response of marine microalgae to inhibition of metabolic enzymes at the formation of light-harvesting apparatus”.

Directorate of Research and Community Service World Class Research Grant Scheme.

Grant Amount : IDR 142,220,000 (T-1), IDR 131,360,000 (T-2), IDR 137,860,000 (T-3)


“Characterization of rare carotenoids and carotenoid-protein complexes from marine microorganisms and the genes that play a role in their biosynthesis”.

Directorate of Research and Community Service Basic Research Scheme.

Grant Amount: IDR 124,300,000 (T-1), IDR 111,150,000 (T-2)


"Determination of Pigments and Protein-Pigment Complexes in Photosynthetic Organisms Using Multispectra and LCMS".

Directorate of Research and Community Service Competency Grant Scheme.

Grant Amount: IDR 125,000,000 (T-1), IDR 115,572,000 (T-2), IDR 105,000,000 (T-3)

2016 – 2017

“Production and Application of Vitamin A”.

Directorate of Research and Community Service Scheme Center for National Strategic Excellence.
Grant Amount: IDR 650,000,000 (T-1), IDR 500,000,000 (T-2)


See Dr. Brotosudarmo's Google Scholar for the complete publications.


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  2. Brotosudarmo, T.H.P., Adhiwibawa, M.A.S., Prilianti, K.R., Putra, E.H.E.: Method in wireless digital image acquisition for prediction of drought tolerant variant of soybean using fuzzy and artificial neural network algorithms. Indonesian Patent Number: IDP000067697, Granted date: 25.02.2020.


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