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Ph.D. Molecular & Cellular Biology

Kanjeng Raden Mas Haryo (K.R.M.H.) Tatas Hardo Panintingjati Brotosudarmo is currently an associate professor in biochemistry at the Department of Food Technology, Universitas Ciputra, Surabaya, Indonesia. He serves as the Vice Head of Research and Community Development at Universitas Ciputra.


Dr. Brotosudarmo also serves as the Special Royal Courtier to H.R.M. S.I.J. K.G.P.A.A. Mangkoenagoro X, the King of Royal House of Mangkoenegaran in Surakarta, in Research Development and Academic Relations related to the Royal House of Mangkoenagaran. 

Areas of Expertise

Consultation in Photosynthesis Analysis, Protein Analysis,  Biochemical Analysis of Food Ingredients and Natural Products, Extraction and Separation of Carotenoids and Natural Pigments in Food, Application of Carotenoids for Health, Food Nutrition and Health, and Food System and Food Network Management.

Consultation and Training in Research Networks, Research Grant Proposal Writing, National Research Grant Management System, Management System for Educational Organization, Project Coordination, Science Communication, and Strategic Partnership for Research and Academic Affairs.

My expertise is in biochemistry. My research focuses on photosynthesis, mainly related to carotenoid pigments and their functional applications for foods and health. Carotenoids are though beneficial in lowering inflammation, promoting healthy growth and development, maintaining eye and vision health, boosting immunity, and protecting the skin from damage. My research deals mainly with various local/exotic fruits and edible species of Indonesia, including marine algae and seaweeds. 


I am also interested in interdisciplinary approaches to explore and analyze food systems and networks' relationships, influences, and impacts to enhance social, economic, and environmental sustainability and equity. The impact of my research on Indonesian government policy has led to me receiving a Professional Achievement Award from the British Council in 2017.

In the current digital era, my research also uses artificial intelligence (AI) and spectrometric approaches to help farmers monitor their crops' status, biodiversity, and natural health to ensure ecological and sustainable land use. Please visit research.

By bearing the royal title of a prince (Kanjeng Raden Mas Haryo, K.R.M.H.), I serve as the Special Royal Courtier for H.R.M. S.I.J. K.G.P.A.A. Mangkoenagoro X the King of Royal House of Mangkoenegaran in Surakarta, handling palace affairs related to research and academic relations. In this case, I am involved in handling the royal collections in the royal library and museum of Puro Mangkunegaran Palace by coordinating and fostering various activities, such as research, restoration, conferences, and workshops, cooperation with universities, research institutions, museums, and other related institutions to the development of the royal collections.

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Contact Me

K.R.M.H. Tatas Brotosudarmo, Ph.D.

Department of Food Technology
Universitas Ciputra
CitraLand CBD Boulevard
Kec. Sambikerep, Surabaya
Jawa Timur 60219

Tel: +62 82141490052

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